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Topping Topping LA90

The comeback of the linear amplifier

The TOPPING LA90 is breaking new ground. With near-perfect square wave performance and the lowest noise performance of existing power amplifiers, it reaches a new level of accuracy and performance that will leave you speechless. 

Rock Solid

A high-precision CNC-machined all-aluminum housing provides the LA90 with extreme protection. A built-in heat sink provides reliable and fast heat dissipation for the amplifier circuit. 

Low distortion, outstanding power

The LA90 has a THD+N of 0.00007% @8Ω10W–which is as low as a top-notch DAC. This spells more accurate reproduction of music. The LA90 has a very wide working range with low distortion under load. Even in the commonly used 4Ω load 1W-60W output and 8Ω load 1W-40W output, the LA90 keeps distortion around 0.0001%. 

Mono and stereo modes

The LA90 can be configured in a common stereo two-channel mode or in a high-power mono mode. 


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    Product Specifications

    Product Specifications

    899 usd


    • 1x AC


    • 6x Balanced 3-Pin XLR
    • 2x TRS
    • 2x TRS